Tour - Integrated Tellem CRM Access

In today's competitive business landscape, small and medium-sized churches and ministries need the most efficient and effective way to market to, sell to, and service clients and members.

Build customer loyalty to drive repeat business. Used by leading companies worldwide, business solutions from Tellem CRM help you to deliver enhanced value to customers with real-time information and insights. As well, this solution will improve your effectiveness with marketing solutions that give you a competitive advantage. Best of all this solution is completely web-based therefore no software to install, no servers to maintain, no techies to call to fix anything, we handle all of that for you.

All Your Daily Tasks in One Area
With our CRM system you will find it a breeze to manage and maintain your church business. Most everthing they need is in one area.
  Easy to Use Dashboard & Reporting
The Dashboard quickly shows you such items as what they need to do today, overdue items as well as new lead opportunities and more.
Organize Your Leads into Pipelines
You can easily create pipelines to further organize your daily business processes. Pipelines organize your leads more effectively so you can better handle your day to day routines. 
  Easily Import/Export Contact Information
Our CRM system easily allows you and your staff to import and export your contacts to our from various other software systems quickly and easily.
Low Cost & Easy To Use
You'll find our pricing very competitive to other CRM solutions on the market. More importantly you'll find the system easy to use unlike various other CRM software systems.
  Automated Marketing & Followups
You're busy and we know this. Our CRM system has built-in email marketing followups which are sent out automatically with no intervention needed, saving them time and money.
No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
Yes that's correct. You don't have to sign any contracts with us at all. If you wish to cancel your account you can do so at anytime with no cancellation fees.
  Product Support
We know not everyone is a technical genius. If you need help setting up your Tellem CRM account, we can also handle this as well.

 The CRM/Client Manager is set to be launched to the public in late 2009

We are proud to offer professional church and ministry website solutions, that are affordable, easy to use and help provide your church with the ability to keep your members upo to date with what's going on with your church. Besides church and ministry websites, we also offer your church a wide range of other useful products and services including, email marketing, website optimization, business class email, telco services, graphics design and yes FREE support. We're basically striving to become the #1 source for church and ministry websites on the web. We in essence will be your one stop shop. One Call. One Relationship. Zero Headaches.

That's our motto and it's proven to be a great solution for today's churches and ministries who are looking for completely affordable ways to get their ministry online. So if you're looking for your church to get a new professional website, or you need email marketing, or possibly telco services. We're your source and we're here to help.
Call today: 1-888-323-5001 and talk to us, we're happy to help.